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Plastering & Stucco

Our company is one of the leading stucco contractors in Jackson, MS.

We specialize in E.I.F.S., traditional Stucco, and German Smear. We work very diligently to ensure that our stucco and plastering masons have all the necessary training and certifications to provide quality craftsmanship in a time efficient manner. Management alone offers more than 60 years of combined experience, supported by the necessary credentials for the field.

Our Product

Stucco is a durable, attractive, and weather-resistant wall covering. This is one reason it is so popular on coastlines. It is a product that has truly stood the test of time, as the concept of using cement mixtures dates back to ancient times. Since then, the procedure and product have been adapted and adjusted to suit modern needs, and the popularity of stucco-sided homes in America has increasingly grown since the twentieth century.

We offer all types of stucco from traditional to contemporary, typical to original. This includes a variety of shell stucco, synthetic  stucco, and too many textures and finishes to list. We can duplicate any exterior that you have seen, or create something unique just for your home.


Whether you are adding on to your home or just want to achieve a new look for your existing home, we are able to provide the look you desire. Adding stucco to a home is a great way to increase the value of your home, and sometimes help with the cost of your electricity by providing extra insulation. We can achieve the look of any stucco you may have seen, and if you are unsure of your desire we can present you with samples and ideas from our showroom- many of which are guaranteed to please. Room additions require the precise matching of your existing stucco color and texture, which is no challenge for us.

Specialized Repairs

Despite the durability of stucco, problems can arise due to improper application or weather issues. Homes on the coast must endure a harsh environment due to salt air from the ocean. If this is the case with your home, we can certainly find a solution and rectify the problem. Most of the time, problems arise from water-intrusion, particularly with wood-framed homes. In many cases, rooflines and windows are the culprit. Regardless of the problem with your home, we can fully integrate your new repaired stucco into your existing exterior- providing a seamless repair.


Stucco, German smear, and slurry wash

The demand for decorative finishes such as traditional stucco, German smear, and slurry wash has increased exponentially in the Jackson, MS area over the passing years. This is mainly due to many customers seeing them being applied on higher-end homes and home improvement shows with beautiful results that can last a lifetime. Our finishes are all mortar based so they’re extremely durable, comes in a variety of colors (no need to paint again, ever!), and are easily repaired if foundation issues ever pop up. Another reason homeowners have decided to start using these finishes on homes is because of its a cost effective way to completely change the look of the property, especially homes with cracked or damaged brick.


Traditional stucco

A mortar based, two coat finish that can either be troweled smooth or rough depending on the customers preference. This finish is very popular in tan or antique white color variations and are typically much thicker than slurry wash and German smear. To apply this finish home owners should expect to typically pay a qualified contractor around $7500 for an average sized home.


German smear 

A mortar based, one to three coat finish that is tactfully trawled on to the brick while leaving part of the brick exposed. This finish is typically done with antique white mortar and has a variety of different looks based of how it is applied and the thickness of each coat. This is one of the more difficult finishes to apply and the contractor should be chosen very carefully to ensure a durable and aesthetic outcome. This finish is usually only seen on high-end homes and antique buildings but it is finally starting to make head wind as a gamer changer on fixer uppers! To apply this finish homeowners can expect to pay a qualified contractor around $8500 for an averaged sized home.


Slurry wash

A mortar based, one coat system that is our personal favorite for our own projects. It is applied in single thick coat that looks almost like stucco while still being able to see the nice texture and outline of the brick to show through. This finish typically is done in either tan or antique white mortar and accented very well with stone or old Chicago bricK. Typically you can expect to pay a qualified contractor around $6000 to coat an averaged sized home.
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